Milestones & Achievements

2014 : Analytics Comes to the College of Nursing

I took over administration of the UIC College of Nursing website in Spring 2014. The site had recently undergone an extensive redesign but one of the first things I noticed was the lack of any statistical information on usage. Huh? As a long-time user of Google Analytics, this seemed absolutely bizarre. Within the first ten days on the job, I set up an Analytics account. I made sure we would measure everything from search terms to social media traffic.

2012 : User-Generated Mapping for UIC Recruitment Calendar

Transformation of the UIC Recruitment Calendar from a Google Spreadsheet to a highly interactive set of maps along with a tailor-made internal reporting tool. General reaction from all those involved, "that's so cool!"

2011 : First Responsive Website at UIC

In mid-2011 I was closely following developments in HTML5 and, in particular, a whole new approach to dealing with multiple devices called 'Responsive design'. When in the latter part of that year I was called upon to develop a new template for the Offices of Admissions and Registration, I applied the ideas I was learning to that project. I'm happy to say that we were able to launch the very first Responsive website at UIC.

2008 : First Drupal Installation -- at UIC

My colleagues at UIC were kind enough to provide me with a 'virtual server' in 2008. It was a new service on their part and I was eager to try it out. I immediately set up what turned out to be one of the first installations of Drupal on campus. I developed a sophisticated publication service (news and blogs) for several of our units that included a (user-friendly) content workflow and approval system.

2008 : 1st Chair of LITA Drupal4Lib Interest Group

Organized the LITA Drupal4Lib IG as part of the Drupal BoF (also a first) at the ALA Conference in Anaheim that year. Served as first chair.

2007 : Created the Drupal4Lib ListServ

Exasperated by the often confusing and contradictory information related to Drupal on other library-related ListServs, I created the Drupal4Lib ListServ -- with the participation of Drupal evangelist, Cary Gordon. The ListServ has become one of the primary sources for information related to Drupal among librarians. As adoption of Drupal continues to grow, so too has the ListServ. We now have over 1,000 subscribers.

2004 : First Drupal Installation

Having spent the entire year running a 'static' volunteer website in Illinois for presidential candidate John Kerry, I started looking for ways to automate production.  There was an extremely confusing array of possibilities -- this was 2004, after all.  I finally settled on a very early version of Drupal

2002 : Early News Blog at Baruch College (CUNY)

Set up an early news and announcement blog for Library Administration at Baruch College CUNY.

2001 : Streaming Video Server (RealMedia) at Baruch College

From soup to nuts the old fashion way: set up Win2k Server, installed Real Server, shot video, edited, compressed for three different connection speeds, uploaded. (Baruch Coll. Library, CUNY, Fall 2001; RealMedia 8.0).